Sound Treatment

Condominium living can be a wonderful experience except when it comes to noisy neighbors. This solution designed by Moore Drywall and installed in select units of the North Shore Condominiums of South Haven, Michigan greatly decreases the sound transference between upper and lower units.

The recipients of this sound dampening treatment are very pleased.

It involves:

  • Masking, covering and protecting floors and passage or hallways.
  • Demolition and removal of ceilings where treatment is to occur.
  • Application of spray foam in resonate areas and visible gaps in joists.
  • Installation of additional sound insulation in ceilings (at least R-19).
  • Installation of sound deadening fiberboard to bottom of joisting. 1
  • Installation of resilient channel (RC-2 track) over fiberboard and perpendicular to joists.
  • Installation of 5/8” Quiet Rock sheetrock to resilient channel to maintain or improve current fire rating.

*(Techniques shown in illustration above and modifications by Moore Drywall determined to decrease sound transference by 50 to 65 decibels)

Taping and finishing sheetrock and applying a subtle ‘knock-down’ texture to aid sound refraction.