Your first step to a great finish

Sheetrock Installation

Whether over wood, lath or steel studding, all panels are glued and affixed into place using screws and the appropriate fasteners. Once the proper length is determined for each sheet, a liberal amount of adhesive is applied to each stud to insure bonding, fasteners are then applied to the tapered edges and each board is … Read More →

Taping and Finishing (mudding)

All taping and finishing is done using equal parts quality materials, state of the art tools and talent. Each finisher is well versed in new techniques as well as tried and true traditions in getting the job done right. Whether flying through a commercial building with stilts and a bazooka, or simply hand taping a … Read More →


Great care is taken during this, the final phase of the project. All joints and fastener spots are sanded first with a pole sander using 150 grit sandpaper, never sandscreen. It has been our experience that screen leaves unsightly grooves in the finished joints and corners. The job is completed using hand sanders and 100 … Read More →

Sound Treatment

Condominium living can be a wonderful experience except when it comes to noisy neighbors. This solution designed by Moore Drywall and installed in select units of the North Shore Condominiums of South Haven, Michigan greatly decreases the sound transference between upper and lower units. The recipients of this sound dampening treatment are very pleased. It … Read More →

Swirl or Brush

A familiar look in homes built throughout the 1920’s to the 1960’s, this texture offered a solution to contrast the stark, flat ceilings of those times. It is achieved by applying a thin layer of mud on the surface then worked with a standard wall paper brush, or similar device. Ceilings are normally painted following … Read More →

Imperial QT (Popcorn)

Enjoying a resurgence of interest, this texture was wildly popular in the early to late 1970’s, sometimes to extremes. However, tastefully done, it can add just the right accent to practically any room. Sometimes glitter is added for a twinkling effect. It is also the texture that Nicholas Cage skins his knuckles on during the … Read More →


A nice clean contemporary look that is very easy to maintain and keep clean. It also lends itself to a wider variety of furnishings and decor than any other texture. An economical alternative to smooth, flat ceilings. This texture works well for both walls and ceilings. It is sprayed on in a uniform pattern, allowed … Read More →

Terra Cotta Texture

This texture was created by Moore Drywall to accommodate the eclectic demands of our creative clients. This custom ceiling treatment takes advantage of any room’s color scheme and helps to direct focus to the intended accent. The process involves priming and painting the area to be textured with the desired color, then spraying a ‘Knock-down’ … Read More →

Trowel (Spanish or French Country House)

This traditional look recalls the Spanish and South Western influences found in Southern Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Mexico. The appeal of this texture is it’s creativity and sense of uniqueness. Because it is done entirely by hand using a myriad of different tools and techniques, no two walls or ceilings are the same. … Read More →

Crow’s Foot

A popular texture in condominiums, office spaces and homes with large ceiling expanses. Generally this texture is ‘as is’ and does not require painting. However, many contractors prefer priming and painting over it for universal color coverage. It is more difficult to keep clean due to the many crags and crevices inherent in this texture. … Read More →

Orange Peel

This texture is achieved by spraying drywall compound directly on the walls or ceilings and allowing to dry as is. Similar to a knock-down texture, Orange Peel is used in new homes seeking both a contemporary look and a southwestern feel. It is also used to conceal flaws in older rooms. Surface is painted to … Read More →